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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When I first moved to America, I lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and worked at a hospital there - where some wonderful cooks were to be found.
This is one of Debbies recipes, unfortunately it didn't taste as good as I remember - maybe because it was missing the cheese whiz!
According to Wikipedia a pistolette is a type of stuffed, fried bread roll native to Louisiana - I wasn't able to find pistolettes here in Arkansas, so I used a brown and serve roll.


1 pound of crawfish tails
2 tablespoons of butter
1 cup of chopped onion
16 ounces of jalapeno cheese whiz (I used velveeta, as the store didn't have this particular cheese whiz in stock)
2 tablespoons flour
12 pistolette rolls (I used sunbeam brown and serve flake rolls)

Saute onions in butter. Add flour to thicken.
Mix in crawfish tails and cook 7 minutes. Add cheese and stir well, until the cheese is melted. Make a hole in each pistolette, spoon in mixture and bake until roll is cooked.

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  1. Hi Ceri! That sounds delicious! I was looking for that cheese to make a spinach dish recently and found it has been discontinued. I read that the cheese really does make the dish in many cases and several people have tried to figure out a substitute. I did find this recipe, although I have not tried it myself yet.

    I'm guessing you could just add jalapenos to regular cheese whiz, I think people developed the homemade regular to avoid ingredients (one post said it contains gluten). I have not read the ingredients myself so I don't know. At any rate I think Velveeta would make the texture different because it's more solid than Cheese Whiz.

    Love, Kari